I have been fascinated by dogs for as long as I can remember. My family rescued Xena, my German Shepherd, when I was 12 and from that moment, I knew I wanted to work with dogs in some way.

Nowadays, I have my rescue Sky, a beautiful but sassy Lab/Collie mix who is 10; and her not so dainty Boxer brother Monty who is 2. They are an odd mix, but I love to see them bouncing about together and playing.

My path into dog walking started after leaving my job in the film Industry as a Studio Coordinator in Salford. Although the lights and the cameras interested me, I would always think back to my childhood dream of working with dogs and one day I asked myself why not?

For many people, dogs are a welcome pet in our family homes. Their loyalty and love bring's a certain comfort in life, providing a best friend who will always be there for you. It’s understandable that as dog lovers, we want to show the same loyalty to our four-legged friends.

When setting up Pooch Mooch, I really wanted all my attention to be spent on the dogs and their wellbeing. For me, the design of the website was crucial to allowing this. Pooch Mooch offers a seamless booking system which allows you to keep track of any walks, whilst booking and paying for them too. It allows both you and I to keep track of your dog's schedule through your very own online account.

Through your password-protected account, you will also be able to upload any important documents relating to your dog. I will also be able to send you ‘pupdates’ from my visits including pictures of your dog out on their adventures.

It’s important to me that there is also transparency in our relationship as I believe this will allow me to care for your dog as best I can. Trust means everything to me. Any dog I walk or that comes to stay, becomes part of my family for that time. I really enjoy being able to build a relationship with all of Pooch Mooch’s pack.

Whether it be a stray I’ve spotted in the street or just a pooch whose owners are at work for the day, I will always be happy to help!

A Dog in need is a friend indeed !!!